Why can’t I edit KeySCAPE or KeyTREE features in AutoCAD?


Opening KeySCAPE and KeyTREE drawings in Vanilla AutoCAD


When collaborating with other professions and organisations on projects, it is important to establish roles and responsibilities and who should have the ability to edit a feature, especially when they may lack the domain knowledge, project history and reasoning behind the decision making process. Ensuring that all parties can view features but only authorised people can edit them is essential for change management through a project. In these instances, preventing unauthorised editing of features can be extremely useful, if not critical.

KeySCAPE and KeyTREE use Autodesk intelligent object technology. This allows us to provide the automatic changes you benefit from when using the software. This “intelligent” information is not recognised by AutoCAD without your application being present. Provided the AutoCAD where you are opening the drawing has PROXYSHOW set to 1, the Keysoft features will appear as view only, proxy entities. This allows the features to be viewed but not edited, protecting your drawing from being edited without your input.


If you wish to provide limited editing of KeySCAPE or KeyTREE feature in AutoCAD, you can install the Object Enablers for AutoCAD. See: Keysoft Solutions Object Enablers.