Sharing your Softworks Database


How to set your KeySCAPE to point to a network drive so multiple users can use it at once


  1. With KeySCAPE closed, open Windows Explorer
  2. In the address bar enter %ProgramData% to open the ProgramData folder which is typically hidden
  3. Copy the entire KeySCAPE Application Data folder to a shared network driver
  4. Go to Windows Start icon and search for Configure KeySCAPE , right-mouse click over the application and pick Run as administrator
  5. When prompted, pick Yes to accept the option to run the application
  6. The Configure KeySCAPE dialog will open
  7. Pick [Set App. Data Root Dir] and navigate to the network location and pick the KeySCAPE Application Data folder

  1. Pick [OK]
  2. All the paths will now reset to the network location
  3. Run KeySCAPE. It will now reference the database on the network drive
  4. Repeat Steps 4 to 12 to set the location of folders for other KeySCAPE installations


If you do not wish to share all the databases and settings, you can set individual paths from the relevant tab and file browser icon



Warning: Saving the database to a file-sharing service, such as One Drive, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox or Google Drive, is not good practice as, these backup systems rely on synchronisation between the local and online copy. If the online connection is lost, there is a danger that when this connection is restored, the shared database is overwritten with your latest changes, losing changes that others may have made whist offline.