Upgrading KeySCAPE Database from V10 to V11


Moving from KeySCAPE v10 to KeySCAPE v11, you have to upgrade your database in order to make it usable.


Moving Your Database into the Required Location

When KeySCAPE gets installed, it will update the existing database on that machine. However, if the database is held on a server, this will need to be done manually.

Firstly, locate and copy your Softworks database from the network folder. If you are not using a networked database, this will be typically found here:

C:\KeySCAPE Systems Application Data 10.7\All Users\KeySOFTWORKS\Database\KSW_Database.mdb

Then paste that database into the new default KeySCAPE database location, found here:

C:\ProgramData\KeySCAPE Application Data\All Users\KeySOFTWORKS\Database\KSW_Database.mdb

There will already be another database file with the same name in that location, you can rename or delete that version before copying your database in.


Migrating Your Database

With your database file in the correct location, we can run the migration program. This is a standalone application, which can be found here:


C:\Program Files\Keysoft Solutions\KeySCAPE11\KeyCORE\DatabaseMigration\KSYS_LandCADD_DatabaseMigration.exe



C:\Program Files\Keysoft Solutions\KeySCAPE LandCADD LT 2016\KSYS_LandCADD_DatabaseMigration.exe


That will run your database through the migration to allow it to be used in KeySCAPE .


Moving New Database

If you require the new database to sit on a server to allow multiple users to access the same database, you can now copy the new Application Data folder, located here:

C:\ProgramData\KeySCAPE Application Data


And paste that onto your server.


Now you’ll need to tell KeySCAPE where to look, to do that, head to:

Start > All Programs > Keysoft Solutions > KeySCAPE11 > KeySCAPE [Version Number] > Configure KeySCAPE [Version Number]


If you right click on that application, and Run as Administrator, you will have access to the [Set App Data Root Dir] button. Using that you can update all paths in one go. If you cannot run as admin, you will need to update the desired paths individually. [OK] when you’re done, and KeySCAPE will be ready to run using an upgraded version of your old database.



Please be aware that once the database has been upgraded, you will not be able to use it in earlier versions of KeySCAPE. If you need to run both new and old side by side, you would be advised to have 2 separate Application Data folders on the server, and use the Configure KeySCAPE tool to point the software at its relevant folder.