Separate Out Hedging within a Schedule


You wish the drawing schedule to show specifications associated to hedges separate from other specifications.


Here we have a default schedule where plants are split into groups based on their species groups, namely Trees and Shrubs. Some these trees and shrubs are part of a hedge, and we want to display these in a separate group to Trees and Shrubs on included in a hedge.



To do this, go to ‘Softworks > Schedule > Modify Style’, to load the style dialog.

Using the ‘Insert Group’ section in the top right, we can create a blank [New] group.

If we want to copy an existing group, select the group header of the group you wish to duplicate and press [Copy Existing].

You will be asked where to add the new group, press [Yes] to insert after the selected group, or [No] to add to the end of the groups list.

With the new group, there are a few things to change.

Firstly, change the Header to something more appropriate, such as Hedge Planting.

Then we need to set the filtering for the group to only show Hedges, so under ‘Group by’, set the Object type to KeySOFTWORKS > Hedges, then select and [Remove] the ‘Species Group Is Trees’ condition. The means that any plant that is in a hedge will be included here, irrespective of it species group.

Now that we have a new group which will only show hedges, we need to stop hedges from showing up their original groups, as we don’t want duplicated data in the schedule.

For each of the existing groups, select the group header and set the Object Type to ‘KeySOFTWORKS > Exclude Hedges’.

For each of the existing groups, select the group header and set the Object Type to ‘KeySOFTWORKS > Exclude Hedges’.


Once each group has been defined to exclude hedges, pick [Apply] and [Close] the schedule style and the schedule will update to show hedges in their own group.


Note: the order the groups appear in the dialog will determine their position in the drawing schedule. You can change the position of any group by selecting the header and use the arrows on the right of the window to move it up or down.

To save repeating this in the future, it is recommended that you save this style. To do that, open the Schedule Style dialog again, and press [Export] at the top.

Either save over the existing style or give it a new name to save the new style. If you wish to use this style again on other drawings, use [Import] in the Schedule Style dialog.