How to reset prompts after selecting "Remember this setting"


When using KeySCAPE and KeyTREE there are many instances where you are presented with a choice. This includes the option to set "Remember this setting", where your preferred choice is saved and the dialog no longer appears next time you use the command. For example, the option to delete an object after selection.

You wish to know how to reset the selected option.


To reset a selected or choose an alternative option, go to Core>User Options.
Select the appropriate tab that relates to the application or module you wish to modify, for example Softworks for planting or Tree for KeyTREE.



Find the choice you wish to change and select your preferred option from the appropriate drop-down list, where "Ask User" defaults back to request a choice is made when using the command.
Note: The User Options settings only apply to you when using KeySCAPE or KeyTREE on the current machine. They will not affect others using the software on the same machine and who can set different preferences.