The KeySCAPE database appears to be running very slow or has become unstable


You experience slow performance or instability when specifying plants or trying to open the Softworks Database Manager.


KeySCAPE uses a Microsoft Access database (*.mdb) that can become slower and less stable as the file size increases beyond 150MB. Access databases do not remove deleted content but leave behind blank rows. This "bloat" can artificially inflate the file size. To improve performance when accessing the database, it is recommended that you compact and repair the KeySCAPE database on a regular basis as follows:

  • If you do not know where your database is located, open KeySCAPE and go to Core>Configure>Softworks tab>Database Name
  • Exit KeySCAPE. If your database is saved at a shared or network location, make sure all other sessions of KeySCAPE are also closed. You may wish to back up your database before continuing.
  • Go to Windows>Search
  • Search for and open "Database Repair". The KeySCAPE Database Repair dialog should appear

  • Pick [Browse]. Navigate to and open the softworks database identified above
  • Pick [Compact and Repair]. You will be prompted when the process is complete
  • Close the dialog and reopen KeySCAPE

If the database is still unstable, it is possible the Microsoft Access driver has become corrupt and needs repairing, sometimes following a Windows or MS Office update. To repair the Access driver, please refer to knowledge base article KA-01019.


You may also want to look at How to fix compatibility issue between 32-bit Microsoft Office & 64-bit KeySCAPE