Why can’t I see KeySCAPE or KeyTREE features in AutoCAD?


KeySCAPE and KeyTREE objects not visible in Vanilla AutoCAD


If the AutoCAD setting PROXYSHOW is set to 0, KeySCAPE and KeyTREE features will not show when the drawing is opened in an AutoCAD where the Keysoft product is not present. Set PROXYSHOW is set to 1 before opening the drawing to show the features as view only (proxy) entities.


Why? KeySCAPE and KeyTREE use intelligent, object technology provided by Autodesk. This allows us to provide the automatic changes you benefit from when using the software. This "intelligent" information is not recognised by AutoCAD without the application being present. However, AutoCAD can show these as view only (proxy) entities provided the AutoCAD where you are opening the drawing has PROXYSHOW set to 1. This allows the features to be viewed but not edited, protecting your drawing from being edited without your input.


If you wish to provide limited editing of KeySCAPE or KeyTREE feature in AutoCAD, you can install the Object Enablers for AutoCAD. See: Keysoft Solutions Object Enablers.