How to fix compatibility issue between 32-bit Microsoft Office & 64-bit KeySCAPE


During statup, a "Error occurred during the validation of this file" warning message appears, relating to the 'KSC_Database', typically after a new installation of KeySCAPE or a Windows update, where the Microsoft 2010 Access Driver has failed to install or run correctly.


  1. With Microsoft Office and KeySCAPE installed, make sure none of the associated programs are running
  2. From Control Panel > Programs and Features, find and uninstall "Microsoft Access database engine 2010 (English)"

If the Access database engine 2010 is not listed, carry on to step 3

  1. Run Microsoft Word. This should configure Office 32-bit back to its original state and open Word. Close when finished
  2. Download and install the Access Database Engine x64, which available from the general downloads page of our support website (


You will need to install this as a local administrator (right-click > Run as Administrator). If you do not, it might appear to have installed but has not because it has silently failed.

  1. Optional – You may wish to install the "Access database engine 2010 (x64) monitor", which is available from our general downloads page. This service will monitor the database engine and automatically apply the above fix if a future update to Office breaks compatibility.


Note: To resolve this issue in the long term, it is recommended that your install the 64-bit edition of Office.