How to Borrow a Licence


You wish to borrow a multi-user (server) license to use off-site or at home.


You need to enable licence borrowing on the server licence manager before your colleagues can borrow licences locally.

On the server go to the Keysoft License manager by going to “Start > All Programs > Keysoft Solutions > Common > Display Local Licenses” (or on Windows Server 2012 or above just press the start button and search for “Display Local Licenses”)
On the “Local Keys” tab, tick the box “Enable Borrowing for this Server”


Once enabled, on the clients machine run the 'Display Local Licences' application and go to the “Borrowing” tab. Select the licence you wish to borrow, the period you wish to borrow and pick 'Borrow' to complete the process. The licence will now appear withing the 'Borrowed Products' window.

Note: When a licence is borrowed, the number of available licences will be decreased for the period selected,. After the date selected, the licence will stop working on the local computer and reappear on the server. You can return a licence early by selecting it from the 'Borrowed Products' window and selecting 'Return'. 


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