Licence Transfer


You have a license that is currently activated on one computer and you wish to deactivate it to transfer to another machine running the same software..


  1. Once you have installed the license manager software (installs locally with your Keysoft application), click on:
    Start > All Programs > Keysoft Solutions > Common > Display Local Licenses
     Or you can run the License manager directly by going to:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Keysoft Solutions\Licensing\KssLM.exe

  2. On the Local Keys tab, select the active licence you wish to transfer, then select the Online Transfer button.

  3. You will be prompted to confirm the transfer of the licence. Pick “Yes” to continue.

  4. Once successfully transferred, you will be notified of your new reactivation code. Either:
    a) Take note of the new code that is generated, or
    b) Pick “Yes” to create a temporary (*.act) file that should be saved to a shared location or moved to the target computer
    Note: If you do not record the code or save the .act file, as described above, your software administrator can retrieve the reactivation code from General>Licence by logging on to Alternatively, contact our support team who can help.

  5. On the target machine, run Display Local Licences again. Go to the Activate Licence tab and either:
    i) Enter the code noted from step 4a in the From Code window, or
    ii) Next to From File, pick [...], navigate to and open the *.act file saved at step 4b 
  6. Pick Online to activate the product and complete the transfer of the licence.


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