Offline Activation


You wish to activate your licenses while you do not have access to the internet.


1.     Install the license manager software either by installing a Keysoft Solutions product or separately from the Downloads page of our support website

2.     Click on:

        Start > All Programs > Keysoft Solutions > Common > Display Local Licenses

        Or  run the License manager directly by going to:

        C:\Program Files\Common Files\Keysoft Solutions\Licensing\KssLM.exe

3.     At "Stage 1 - Request Activation" press either [Email C2V] or [Save C2V]. This will generate a C2V file that should be sent to
4.     When you receive the V2C file, at "Stage 2" pick the ellipsis [...], browse to and open the saved V2C file
5.     Pick [Activate] 
6.     Once activated, at "Stage 3", please send back to support, the CFM file generated either using "Save CFM" or " Email CFM".


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