When I start GuideSIGN in Bentley product CONNECT version (MicroStation, OpenRoads Designer, etc.), all I see is a Welcome screen and after that I cannot locate the GuideSIGN toolbar or ribbon.

If the GuideSIGN toolbar or ribbon tab is not visible and you are sure the GuideSIGN application is loaded, you can restore it by following these steps:

1. Please start MicroStation CONNECT, load GuideSIGN, and then go to File -> Settings -> Configuration -> Configuration Variables.

2. When Configuration Variables dialog box is open, please go to Primary Search Paths and locate MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST (or you can type that in the search field at the top of that dialog box).

When you find MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST, please double click on it and Edit Configuration Variable dialog box will be open. 

3. Please set Edit Mode to be:

4. After that, in the New Value section, please enter the following path (where X is replaced by GuideSIGN version number, for example for GuideSIGN 7.0 and 7.1 please enter 7 instead of X):
C:\Program Files\Transoft Solutions\GuideSIGN X\GuideSIGN.dgnlib

Click ok to Append that path to the existing list.

NOTE: Please make sure that you do have GuideSIGN.dgnlib in the folder listed above, or if your GuideSIGN folder resides elsewhere, or you are missing that file, please let us know.

5. After that, please reload GuideSIGN and confirm that now the GuideSIGN toolbar or ribbon is displayed.


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