Check for correct CRASH STATS19 format


Data supplied from CRASH in the STATS19 2024 format


  1. Open the XML file using Notepad or similar
  2. If the first lines of the code contain “STATS19ExportData”, it is in the 2011 format. The file can be imported into any KeyACCIDENT v7, applying the fix for ‘Pedestrian Crossing – Human Control’ if necessary. See FAQ.

  3. If, however, the first lines of the code contain “STATS19_2024ExportData”, it is in the 2024 format. This will not import into any KeyACCIDENT v7. Until KeyACCIDENT v8 is available, you will need to ask your CRASH data provider to provide data in the 2011 format.

  4. The Department for Transport requires your data provider to supply data in the 2011 format until you are able to import data in the 2024 format. Importing 2024 format data will require upgrade to KeyACCIDENT v8 or a later version, when available. See FAQ.

Note: Users have noticed a further CRASH data problem leading to occasional individual records failing to import. This is due to missing contributory factor participant details. The fix is a little more awkward but there is another workaround using Notepad or similar. See FAQ.

Note: For users with v7.12 and 7.13 there is an alternative to the file amendments with Notepad. See FAQ.

Note: An unscheduled version (v7.13.1) has been released. If you are able to update to v7.13.1, this will accommodate known CRASH data issues and avoid any need for file amendments before import. Please be aware this will not be able to import data in the STATS19 2024 format.

Thank you for your patience. Once KeyACCIDENT upgrades for STATS19 2024 format are available, these import issues will end.