How to Wrap Text in a KeyTREE Label and Schedule


You have inserted a plant specification label or schedule in the drawing and the text shows as a single line when you would like the text to wrap onto other lines.


Unlike text-based applications, AutoCAD uses drawing units to define the height of text and size of text frames. KeySCAPE and KeyTREE uses styles to control the appearance of labels and schedules in the drawing, and, like AutoCAD, the size and width of text frames, in set using drawing units.

By default, the width of the text frame, or cell, is set to “Variable Width”. This means that the width of any column will be defined by the maximum length of the specification details, or the column header name, represented by that particular column.


How to wrap text in label and schedule cells

When modifying a label or schedule style, you can define a fixed cell width, in AutoCAD units, and text that is longer than the defined cell width will automatically wrap to the next line.

You can define this in two ways:

‘Default Cell Properties’ tab. This will apply to all columns, so whilst it will wrap some text, other columns may be too wide for the text and display a lot of redundant space.


‘Selected Cell Properties’ tab. After selecting a cell, you can set the fixed width for that column of data, independent of other cells, so each column can have its own fixed width and only specification text in the selected column will wrap.

Using a combination of variable, default, and selected cell width properties in the label and schedule style you have the flexibility to wrap text where you require this in the label and schedule.

If the style you have created would be useful to use on other drawings, in the Modify Style dialog, use the Export option to save the current style and Import, to use this in other drawings, or add this style to your template drawing.


Label Style set to:


Selected cell width of 5m



Schedule Style set to:



Selected cell widths set to 5m and 7m