There appears to be a problem with the database (applicable to AutoTURN 10.1 and older)

NOTE: This article applies to AutoTURN 10.1 and older.

A database open failed message indicates that AutoTURN is not able to connect to the local database.

When you perform the AutoTURN Workstation installation please make sure you have full administrative privileges and (temporarily) turn off Windows UAC (User Access Control).

Check if the user has sufficient rights to the local program and database folders on the workstation computer. The end-user will need to have read/write permissions these folders;
- C:\Program Files\Transoft Solutions\AutoTURN X (in Windows XP)
- C:\Program Files\Transoft Solutions\AutoTURN X\Database (in Windows XP)
- C:\Users\Public\Transoft Solutions\AutoTURN X
- C:\Users\Public\Transoft Solutions\AutoTURN X\Database

Also, please check if in the Windows Software list if the component SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 is installed. If it is missing please download (and install) it from