Red Markers Appear on your KeySCAPE Drawing


The red markers appear on your drawing, and you wish to know what these mean and how to remove them.



The red marker is a non-plottable Glyph that KeySCAPE displays to highlight graphical display issues with elements in the drawing. There are several symbols that may appear, and each is different depending on the object type, e.g. hedge, planting area, grass area, paving area, etc.


These glyphs are do not plot and apart from the warning glyphs (see below) they can be ignored although it may be worth resolving these to ensure the graphics are as you would expect when issuing the drawing.


Glyphs will scale to approximately 10% of the current zoom factor of the drawing. By zooming in or out and running the REGEN command, the symbol will rescale to 10% of the current zoom factor.


There are two main types of red marker glyphs, and these can be corrected, as below:

  • Red Triangles

These will typically appear when the KeySCAPE and drawing units do match. For example, KeySCAPE Drawing Setup units are set to Metres but the drawing is a Millimetres.

To correct this, go to Core>Drawing Setup and set your Drawing Units appropriately.

Note: When copying between drawings, please make sure the source and target Drawing Setup, Drawing Units match, otherwise triangles will appear on the objects when pasting them into the target drawing.

  • Red Object Symbols

Each KeySCAPE object has its own marker warning symbol. Example below for planting areas:

These glyphs will appear when there is an issue applying the KeySCAPE graphics to the selected/drawn geometry and will show on the object, near to the segment(s) where the issue occurs. The typical cause is because the base geometry:

  • Is too complex, especially when it comprises of many tight convex of concave arcs
  • Has vertices that are too close to together or far apart
  • Comprises of several long, shallow concave and convex curves along a length
  • Has a single segment and/or pattern definition that exceeds the default maximum number of patterns KeySCAPE will draw along any segment, which is 1000
  • Will exceed the default maximum number of symbols KeySCAPE will draw to represent an individual object, which is 10,000.

Items 2a, 2b and 2c

These problems often occur because AutoCAD is unable to create the offset KeySCAPE uses to draw the pattern. You can correct this, by modifying the object(s), using the following option:

  • Change the Pattern settings:
    • X Scale (horizontal), to increase or decrease the spacing between patterns, and/or
    • Offset, reduce the value closer to or at 0.0, to decrease the possibility of the offset geometry intersecting itself

    • Move the grips further apart, or closer together
    • Simplify the geometry by removing or adding vertices, using the options from the right mouse click, main grip menu

    • Convert long, shallow arc segments to lines, using the right mouse click, intermediate grip menu

Items 2d and 2e

You can represent planting areas and hedges using a pattern polyline and/or symbols

An excessive number of patterns drawn along any segment or symbols to represent the object, will affect the speed of the drawing, because AutoCAD must draw more graphical elements. To limit this, we set an initial maximum number for each. Whilst we would recommend using the options above to manage the graphics, you can increase the maximum number of patterns and symbols from Core>Drawing Setup>Display tab:

Please be aware that increasing these maximum values could result in an excessive number of patterns and/or symbols being added to your drawing, which will impact on the performance of your drawing.