How to transfer a KeyACCIDENT database to a new server

The best/easiest process (in our experience) is to do the following process for each database:


1.  Load KeyACCIDENT while pointed at the old server (client-based database)

Export data for each database via a conditionless query (See Quick KeyACCIDENT Backup Section below)

2.  Close KeyACCIDENT

3.  Run 

  • “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Keysoft Solutions\KTSDatabaseManager\1.X\KTS_SetupUtility.exe”

Or for the latest versions (7.10 and above)

  • “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Transoft Solutions\KTSDatabaseManager\1.X\KTS_SetupUtility.exe”

4.  When prompted choose “KeyACCIDENT (v7.X)” (Screenshot is for older version, should look the same bar v7.3 to 7.11 text)


6. Tick the boxes for KTSUsers and KeyACCIDENT (this is to override the current setup and get a new one going)


  1. Follow the process through, putting in the NEW SQL Server details and creating a new KeyACCIDENT Database (And KTSUsers database)
  2. Once you’ve completed that wizard, the new server will have a blank database, ready for the Exported Data.
  3. Now, load KeyACCIDENT Database go to the “Tools” ribbon, and select “Change Database”
  4. Click on “Create new database”
  5. Enter the name of the next database to be migrated, you will need the SQL admin (sa or equivalent) password to allow KeyACCIDENT to create an SQL database
  6. Repeat steps 9-11 for all the databases to be migrated.
  7. Now, go to the “Accident Data” ribbon
  8. Import the data using the “Add Records” routine (choose the “KeyACCIDENT v7 (KAML/KAMZ)” format) and the appropriate files for each database exported in step 2. 15. That should be it

Hopefully, that gives you enough to go on, if you need further assistance just get in touch at and we’ll fill in the gaps            

Quick KeyACCIDENT Backup     

  • Load KeyACCIDENT Database module  
  • Perform a conditionless query 

Click on Export and Export the results to a KAMZ file