Manual Setup of KeyACCIDENT from an existing working client

You may setup a new computer manually to use the KeyACCIDENT software by using the settings from an existing working client, in the following way: -


  • From an existing working client, copy the XML files from the following folder to the same folder on the new client,

    C:\ProgramData\Transoft Solutions\KeyACCIDENT\7.X\Database\sqlservername-Accident Data.xml


  • On the new client in the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Transoft Solutions\KeyACCIDENT\7.X\ 

    Add the 2 new entries to reflect this by creating or amending the string value of LastRunDatabase and LastRunDatabaseGIS with the values set as sqlservername-Accident Data


  •   Also set the server key for the KTSusers as follows 

    In the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Transoft Solutions\KtsUSERS\2.X\

    add or amend the string value of
    server with the value set as sqlservername


Substitute your KeyACCIDENT SQL database server for sqlservername