Unable to Join GoToWebinar from the event link


You have registered to attend a GoToWebinar event and are unable to join the event, even though you have picked the ‘check system requirements’ link and it suggests you are good to join. 


The GoTo ‘check system requirements’ only assesses the Operating System, Browser, and Internet Connection speed, NOT any local restrictions that may be imposed by your internal IT team.

If you are unable to join, please consider using the GoTo Instant Join App, as follows:

Note: it is recommended that attendees use Google Chrome.

  1. Right-mouse click on the Join Webinar link and select Copy Hyperlink from the menu.


  2. Open your browser and paste the link into the in the address bar but DO NOT HIT ENTER
    Example: https://global.gotowebinar.com/join/7689080935123904784/103754640

  3. Copy and Paste ?clientType=html5 at the end of the hyperlink in your browser address bar
    Example: https://global.gotowebinar.com/join/7689080935123904784/103754640?clientType=html5

  4. Hit Enter to join the webinar.

Still unable to join?

This may be because of additional restrictions imposed by your IT management team. Please refer your IT to the GoTo permission requirements to allow you join this, and future webinars:  Allowlisting and Firewall Configuration.