KeySCAPE Objects Failed to Import – Input curve loop


You are trying to import a *.kml/kmz file exported from KeySCAPE for AutoCAD and a “Some KeySCAPE objects failed to Import” warning appears.

When you expand the Details section, the report state “The input curve loops cannot compose a valid boundary”.



The warning is typically the result of bad geometry defining some of the boundaries of planting beds and grass areas or the centreline of hedges. This only prevents the import of some planting items and is typically due to a grip inadvertently snapping to point that causes the geometry to draw over the top of itself or a point close to another point and where the segment length is extremely small. Please note that KeySCAPE will typically correct situations when grips have been snapped on top of each other, either during export or by running the AUDIT command within KeySCAPE.

If  the warning appears, to correct these follow the following procedure:

  1. After importing the *.kml/kmz file into KeySCAPE RT, check the Revit model to determine which planting objects did not import
  2. Open KeySCAPE for AutoCAD and the drawing you are exporting from
  3. Run the AUDIT command and pick Yes to fix any errors (This will remove vertices on top of each other)
  4. Select the object(s) that did not import so the grips appear
  5. Inspect the grips to idenify points that may be very close together or appear unusual (See examples below)
  6. Move the grips points that determine a better shape. You may wish to use the hover-over menu to add/remove vertices or convert arc segments to line segments and vice-versa
  7. When these have been corrected, export the problem object again


Example 1 – grips too close move grip further along the line

Step 1 – Select the object to reveal the grips

Step 2 – Move one or more of the grips to correct the geometry


Example 2 – grips causing geometry to draw back on itself

Step 1 – Select the object to reveal the grips

Step 2 – Move the grips to inspect the issue

Step 3 – Using the hover-over menu, add or remove grips or convert segment